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Investments are a matter of opinion, but taxes are a matter of fact. We understand the demand for lifetime income has gone through the roof. Designing income strategies to combat the tax ramifications of taking retirement income is one of our main focuses. The goal is to help you rediscover and clarify the financial values that drive you and your family.

<p>An Arm and a Leg</p>

An Arm and a Leg

A visit to the hospital can be painful, for both your body and your wallet. Don’t let it be more painful than it has to be.
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<p>Paying Off a Credit Card</p>

Paying Off a Credit Card

Enter various payment options and determine how long it may take to pay off a credit card.
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<p>What to Look for in an Extended-Care Policy</p>

What to Look for in an Extended-Care Policy

Here’s a list of 8 questions to ask that may help you better understand the costs and benefits of extended-care insurance.
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Are you Retirement Ready?

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Marlon K. Scott, CRPC

Executive Vice President & Wealth Management Advisor

Paul Boudwin, CWS

Executive Vice President & Wealth Management Advisor

Melanie Butler

Branch Operations Manager

Brian O. Butler, CRPC, CPFA

President and Wealth Management Advisor

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