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Matthew Washington Jr., CPFA

Matthew Washington Jr., CPFA

Wealth Management Advisor

Since an early age helping people has always been a passion of mine. I remember my mom telling stories of how, during my 1st few years of elementary school, I would finish my assigned work, then walk around assisting the other students with their classwork. While this may not have been a hit with my teachers at times, I believe they realized my intent was to truly help my fellow classmates.

…Fast forward a few years into the future…

After a stellar 10 ½ year career in the Healthcare Industry, I decided to change course, and begin my new journey as a Wealth Management Advisor with Wealth Standard Financial. Being in the Healthcare Industry, as a manager of 25+ employees within several 24-hr departments, truly enhanced my ability to deal with adversity, uncertainty, and ongoing changes in a fast-paced environment. It also helped me strategize, develop, and implement plans to ensure the departments were running efficiently and effectively. I look to bring that same skillset, the same passion to help others as well as the ability to “stay calm during the storm”, to each-and-every client while I am assisting them on their financial journey.

“A Great Plan starts with a Great Conversation!” I start each conversation by asking questions and actively listening. I listen to clients as they tell their financial story, their dreams, their fears, their wants, and their needs. Together, we use that information to strategize, develop, and implement a plan that is best suited for the individual client and his/her family. Each conversation is unique to each client, each plan is unique to each client. We will also have continuous conversations to ensure the plan we have in place is still sufficient to keep us on the desired path of your financial journey.

I am excited to combine the knowledge and skillset I have acquired over the years with the experience and passion of the firm. My goal is to provide comprehensive, client centered solutions to help ensure each client is on a sustainable and successful financial journey. I currently have licenses as a Series 7- General Securities Representative, Series 66-Investment Advisor Representative, Insurance-Life & Health as well as a designation as a Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor-CPFA™. These accomplishments have helped me deepen my knowledge and stay abreast with industry changes, and I plan to gain more expertise as I add additional designations in the foreseeable future.

My specialty is in working with enthusiastic professionals, especially Medical Professionals and Business Owners, who are looking to Build and Preserve their family and financial legacies. Whether you need Financial Planning, Retirement Income Planning, Insurance needs (Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Business), and/or Investment and Tax savings strategies (just to name a few), I am here to be a resource for you to utilize at your convenience.

I am grateful to my parents for instilling in me the values of hard work, honesty, helping others and to never stop learning no matter how old you are or how smart you think you are. I am also grateful to have two beautiful daughters to pass those same values too as well as teaching them to be financially educated and responsible.

I will say it again, “A Great Plan starts with a Great Conversation”, and I would love to get that conversation started with you!

Reach out and let’s chat!